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June 2002 – Present
Branding Services
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Promotion
  • Product Branding
  • Internet Branding
  • Corporate Branding
Allianze College of Medical Sciences (ACMS), a newly established medical college sought our branding services in 2002 for a holistic branding approach. The brand strives to build a professional brand image of a credible medical college while promoting its affordability to its target audiences. ACMS’ goal is to create brand awareness and capture mind share amongst its prospective students as Malaysia’s premier Meducationist in the country and also to reach out to students across the Asian region.

Credible brand image
ACMS established a professional and credible brand image.

Distinctive brand identity
ACMS’ brand name, brand logo, brand colour, brand elements, brand category and brand slogan are unique and easy to understand to retain high brand memorability and brand association.

Greater brand awareness and brand recall
Created greater brand awareness and brand recall through press releases, exhibitions and advertisements.

Governmental recognition
Recognised by Malaysia, Indonesia and Ireland governments as a trusted Meducationist.
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Brand Identity: Brand Logo, Brand Slogan & Brand Category
ACMS was conceptualised as a forward and progressive Meducationist with ideas beyond science.
Brand Identity: Brand Card
A professional brand image for ACMS' corporate identity system was created using a combination of bold coloured brand elements on a white background.
Brand Identity: Letterhead
A professional brand image for ACMS' corporate identity system was created using a combination of bold coloured brand elements on a white background.
Brand Identity: Envelope
A professional brand image for ACMS' corporate identity system was created using a combination of bold coloured brand elements on a white background.
Brand Identity: Corporate Folder
The corporate folder was conceptualised with a professional approach to incorporate ACMS' corporate profile.
Brand Identity: Corporate Profile
The corporate profile contained within a folder, was conceptualised as a tool to introduce the concept and vision of ACMS as a Meducationist.
Brand Identity: Students' Details Form
Conceptualised to gather target audiences details and create database for ACMS.
Brand Identity: Application Form
Conceptualised with consistent brand elements used for registration and documentation purposes.
Brand Identity: Program Flyers
Each flyer describes each course in details for the customers' better understanding and easy reference.
Brand Identity: General Flyer
A general flyer that describes about ACMS, the courses available, campuses, facilities, accommodation, entry requirements and contact details.
Brand Identity: Paper Bag
Paper bags and other branding materials were conceptualised to build a consistent brand image and to raise awareness for ACMS among the public.
Brand Identity: Uniforms & Name Badge
New uniforms and name badge with distinguishing, professional brand elements were conceptualised to instil teamwork and consistent brand alignment.
Brand Identity: Uniforms & Accessories
Blue and orange accessories such as neckties and scarves were also conceptualised to present ACMS' brand identity and brand image consistently.
Brand Identity: Shuttle
Distinctive brand elements and brand image decorating the shuttle were designed for constant brand presence even on the road to build strong brand awareness.
Brand Positioning: Banner
Bold brand positioning banners with consistent ACMS brand identity and brand image were conceptualised for outdoor display to enhance brand recall.
Brand Positioning: Outdoor Streamer
Outdoor streamers were strategically placed along high traffic areas to capture attention and reinforce brand recognition among passers-by.
Brand Positioning: Indoor Streamer
Indoor streamers were conceptualised with concise details of the courses available at ACMS for customers' easy reference during their visit to the campus.
Brand Positioning: Poster
Posters were placed in secondary schools and education fairs to introduce ACMS and the courses available to the potential students.
Brand Positioning: Advertorial
With a guaranteed publication, advertorials allow more space for brand introduction while incorporating consistent brand elements to enhance brand awareness and brand recall.
Brand Positioning: Full Coloured Press Ad
Full page, full colour positioning press ad correctly placed in national newspapers helps to develop brand awareness and reinforce brand recognition among target audiences.
Brand Positioning: Black & White Press Ad
Each course offered by ACMS was highlighted on half page press ads to target specific target audiences to the programmes.
Brand Positioning: Black & White Press Ad
All press ads were conceptualised with ACMS brand identity, brand elements and brand image for consistency and easy brand memorability.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
A simple introductory page was conceptualised to maintain a standard of professionalism as well as for the target audiences' easy navigation.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
All ACMS courses were highlighted on the main page for immediate recognition and easy reference.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
BrandSite can be an effective brand positioning tool to introduce the brand's establishment, history, team, corporate values and defining philosophy.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Applying ACMS brand identity and brand elements consistently on the BrandSite, this enhances brand recognition among the target audiences.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
With an effective and informational BrandSite, ACMS reached further to attract global target audiences with application forms that can be easily downloaded.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
An extensive webpage was conceptualised to allow potential customers to preview the campus' state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable student residences at ACMS.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Brand images used throughout the BrandSite created brand association with its target audiences while maintaining its standards of professionalism.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Utilising the BrandSite as an effective and convenient tool to enhance its recruitment campaign.
Brand Positioning: eDirect
eDirects were conceptualised to reach out to existing database or new database conveniently through mass emailing.
Brand Positioning: Corporate Multimedia Presentation
Facilitating ACMS' brand positioning as the Meducationist with a strong philosophy of ideas beyond science for presentations with corporate entities, government agencies, medical practitioners, bankers, investors and other potential partners.
Brand Promotion: Promo Multimedia Presentation
The informational promo multimedia presentation used during road shows, education fairs and other exhibitions helped to attract new customers and retain existing customers.
Brand Distribution: Exhibition Booth
An extensive exhibition booth was designed to educate target audiences about ACMS' during road shows, education fairs and other exhibitions.
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