From local, to global with major expansions in the UAE!
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February 2004 – Present
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Before rebranding, SINMA’s brand identity and brand elements were weak, out-dated, inconsistent and lacked proper brand direction – it could not build its brand optimally and lost opportunities in capturing new target audiences to increase its mind share and market share. We helped to reconceptualise SINMA’s brand identity including its brand logo, brand colours, brand slogan and even five SINMA babes were introduced as part of the brand elements! New retail outlet image, website, customer loyalty programmes and franchising programmes were also introduced.

Greater brand awareness
SINMA achieved greater brand awareness and brand recall.

Distinctive brand image
Established a more distinct brand image and brand personality.

A national record
Selected as the Largest Costume Jewellery Retail Chain, verified by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Franchise opportunities
Offers franchise opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

Retail expansion
Local retail outlet expansion in Malaysia from 50 outlets to 60 outlets in 2005.

Global expansion
Global retail outlet expansion of 100 retail outlets in the United Arab Emirates, with further inquiries from other foreign countries.

Award finalist
Finalist for the Malaysian Franchise Association’s Most Promising Franchiser Award (2005).
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Old & New Brand Identity
Rebranding SINMA for today's generation of fashion conscious young women with trendy fashion jewellery accessories.
Brand Identity: Brand Logo, Brand Slogan & Brand Elements
Attractive new brand identity was created for SINMA to capture the essence of SINMA's new brand image.
Brand Identity: Brand Card
SINMA's corporate identity is consistently applied across all its brand identity items to position the brand strongly in the market.
Brand Identity: Franchise Brochure & Name Card
SINMA's complete rebranding programme also included a revamped Franchise Brochure, consistent with its new brand identity to promote brand association.
Brand Identity: Loyalty Programme
The Trendee membership programme was conceptualised to encourage customer relationship and brand loyalty with special discounts and privileges.
Brand Identity: Plastic Bags
Attractive plastic bags with SINMA's unique brand elements were also conceptualised as effective brand promotional tools carried around by shoppers.
Brand Identity: Packaging
Practical packaging was designed to effectively secure the products on display with clear brand name and brand colour for easy brand identification.
Brand Positioning: Print Ad
Bold and appealing brand identity, brand elements and brand images on magazine advertisements enhanced brand recall and brand association.
Brand Positioning: Streamer
Attractive illustrations were used to strengthen brand positioning and reinforce its brand promise to make every girl pretty.
Brand Positioning: Bus Ad
Effective bus advertising was used to generate brand awareness for SINMA with constant brand presence on the road.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Hosted by the five SINMA babes, SINMA's BrandSite got interactive with site visitors. This BrandSite won the Special Merit Award at the Kancil Awards 2005.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Fun and chic brand images heightened positive brand association and brand recognition among the modern women of today.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
SINMA brand colours and brand elements were used consistently to communicate the brand personality as well as to enhance brand recall among the target audiences.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
User-friendly platform and interface to help target audience navigate and explore the BrandSite conveniently.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Introducing the five SINMA babes to foster closer customer-brand relationships among the target audiences.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
SINMA babes with different attitudes and personalities created connections with the women today - sexy, trendy, elegant, corporate or casual.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
A fun and interactive game was conceptualised to retain interest and to encourage target audiences' repeat visit to the BrandSite.
Brand Promotion: 'Cute Cute Cup' Streamer
Bright and cheery promotional streamers helped to create brand awareness and generate excitement for SINMA.
Brand Promotion: 'Cute Cute Cup' Bunting
Bunting with similar 'Cute Cute Cup' concepts were conceptualised using SINMA's brand colours and brand elements to encourage brand recognition.
Brand Promotion: 'Cute Cute Cup' Mug & Packaging
Cute and attractive promo merchandise were conceptualised to grab customers' attention and to encourage increase of sales.
Brand Promotion: Chinese New Year Red Packets
Chinese New Year Red Packets were conceptualised as brand promotional tools in conjunction with festive seasons.
Brand Distribution: Old & New Retail Outlet
With the revamped retail outlet, shoppers are irresistibly drawn towards SINMA's attractive new retail outlets where customer traffic is at an all time high.
Brand Distribution: Retail Outlet | Front Facade
A welcoming SINMA brand outlet with attractive retail layout concepts encouraged customers' traffic flow to the brand outlet.
Brand Distribution: Retail Outlet | Demo Corner
A simple demo corner for customers to experiment with SINMA's products with the help of friendly and stylish SINMA team members.
Brand Distribution: Retail Outlet | Entrance
SINMA retail outlet features a modern and trendy approach with stylish use of brand colours and brand elements to appeal to customers of today.
Brand Distribution: Retail Outlet | Product Display
Bold and vibrant SINMA brand colours and brand elements consistently used to strengthen brand recall and brand recognition.
Brand Distribution: Retail Outlet | Counter
Strong SINMA brand identity and brand images decorated the brand outlet to enhance SINMA's brand experience with the target audiences.
Brand Distribution: 3D Conceptualisation | Exhibition Booth
Attractive, yet corporate exhibition booth was created to promote SINMA's franchise programme among potential investors and partners.
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