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Cavendish Banana Cultivator and Exporter
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June 2002 - Present
Branding Services
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Synergy Farm (M) Sdn Bhd approached us to brand their Cavendish bananas from scratch for the export market. They needed a global brand identity and brand image that would suitably represent the banana in the international market. The Tropicoast brand name and brand slogan, bunch of goodness, were conceptualised along with its CID system including packaging, complete with delivery van and uniforms. An interactive website was also conceptualised for consumers to explore and discover more about the delicious and healthy Tropicoast!

First banana brand
Tropicoast is Malaysia’s first banana brand in the local market as well as the export market.

Significant brand awareness
Achieved significant brand awareness and brand recall.

Right brand image
Achieved a suitable brand image and brand personality for the export market.

Export market epansion
Tropicoast’s export market extended to Singapore and China, with new inquiries from other countries as well.

Kancil award
Website won the Internet and Interactive Media Category Special Merit Award at the Kancil Awards 2005.
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Brand Identity: Brand Logo & Brand Slogan
The fun fresh brand name and brand slogan were conceptualised to represent these banana-licious Cavendish bananas from the tropics.
Brand Identity: Brand Card & Letterhead
A fun and vibrant brand identity was conceptualised and consistently applied across the corporate identity system to build and reinforce the Tropicoast brand.
Brand Identity: Envelope
A fun and vibrant brand identity was conceptualised and consistently applied across the corporate identity system to build and reinforce the Tropicoast brand.
Brand Identity: Stickers
Stickers with the new brand identity were conceptualised to add value to Tropicoast's bananas when attached on the bananas.
Brand Identity: Packaging (1.5kg)
Unique hand carry gift packs were conceptualised to promote Tropicoast bananas as a healthy gift for friends and family in any occasion.
Brand Identity: Packaging (18kg)
Tropicoast's product packaging for the export market was designed to preserve the freshness of the bananas while promoting the brand as its travels across the globe.
Brand Identity: Delivery Truck
Striking Tropicoast design with brand elements was a great tool in creating brand awareness as the delivery truck zoomed around town.
Brand Positioning: Flyer
Attractive flyers with a bunch of banana facts were conceptualised and distributed to increase brand awareness about this new breed of bananas.
Brand Positioning: Banner
The giant banana visual effectively emphasised the size of the Tropicoast bananas with a tagline that positioned Tropicoast as a daily goodness, not to be missed.
Brand Positioning: Press Ad
'A banana a day...' idea positioned Tropicoast bananas as daily goodness to be enjoyed in fun, fresh and creative ways that excite the palate.
Brand Positioning: Streamer
Strategically placed streamers at Tropicoast sales locations were attractive brand promotional tools that also reinforced the enjoyable Tropicoast everyday goodness.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Conceptualised to be a highly interactive and informative promotion of Tropicoast's banana-licious goodness, this BrandSite is also a Special Merit Award winner at the Kancil Awards 2005.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Consistent brand identity and brand images were used, even to the brand music to create a total brand experience through the BrandSite.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Introducing the new brand of nutritious snack to the market with vibrant colours and creative images to enhance brand awareness.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Adding fun to the interactive platform, Tropicoast BrandSite shares nutritious tips and facts with its target audiences.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Using creative illustrations with fun colours, the BrandSite added value to the Tropicoast brand to capture target audiences' attention.
Brand Positioning: BrandSite
Creative concepts of banana recipes were conceptualised to keep the target audiences' excited, while encouraging repeat visits to Tropicoast BrandSite.
Brand Distribution: Launching Event
Conceptualising the complete dinner launch, the intriguing invitation card concept was a teaser to the fun, fresh and nutritious brand personality of Tropicoast.
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