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peopalove BRANDtalk

May 2013
How did Android showcase its ideal brand positioning?
Learn more about brand perception here!
Mar 2013
How did Canon become branded and wanted with brand protection?
Learn how to sustain positive brand equity!
Jan 2013
How did the brand image of Levi's make them a lovable global icon?
Learn more about brand personality here!
Nov 2012
How did Honda portray a memorable brand identity?
Learn more about brand memorability here!
Aug 2012
How did 7-Eleven become well-aligned brand?
Learn how about brand consistency here!
Jun 2012
How did Astro create brand distribution through satellite TV?
Learn how brand convenience can be achieved!
Apr 2012
How does brand promotion make Visa a global brand?
Find out how strong customer loyalty is created!
Feb 2012
How did Twitter position itself as a one-of-a-kind microblogging site?
Find out how lovable brand perception is created!
Dec 2011
How does brand protection make McDonald's the best?
Learn how great brand equity is created!
Oct 2011
How did Volkswagen create a unique personality that for its brand?
Learn how lovable brand personality is created!
Aug 2011
How did adidas make people recall its brand?
Learn how powerful brand memorability is created!
Jun 2011
How does HSBC provide brand consistency for its consumers?
Learn how brand alignment can lead to brand consistency!
Apr 2011
How did Facebook become the online leader in brand distribution?
Reach out to your target audience with brand convenience!
Feb 2011
How does brand promotion make Baskin-Robbins wanted?
Learn how to create lovable brand sales!
Dec 2010
How was Mickey positioned as a branded universal icon?
Learn how to create positive brand perception!
Oct 2010
How did Coke protect its brand for the world?
Learn how to create valuable brand equity!
Aug 2010
How did Apple create a cool brand for its users?
Learn how to build a wanted brand personality!
Jun 2010
How did Nike make the world remember its brand?
Learn how to create lasting brand memorability!
Nov 2009
How do you make your brand branded, wanted and loved?
Read on for effective branding!
Dec 2008
How do you get your brand into the spotlight?
Read on for winning ways to brand focusing!

Oct 2008
How do you gear your brand for the world market??
Learn how you can build BIG brands in the world!

Mar 2008
How can you make your brand stand out from the rest??
Read on for great ways to brand differentiation!

Sep 2007
How can you make your brand consistent around the world?
Read on for holistic brand alignment!

Jul 2007
How can your brand reach beyond local stores?
Read on for far reaching brand distribution!

Dec 2006
How can your brand get consumers buzzing with excitement?
Read on for effective brand promotion!

Nov 2006
How can your brand shine brightly in the market?
Read on about brand positioning!

Aug 2006
How can your brand develop into a mature brand?
Read on about brand protection!

Jun 2006
How can your brand colour the world of consumers?
Read on about charming brand image!

Apr 2006
How can your brand capture the segmented market?
Read on for memorable brand identity!

Feb 2006
How can consumers spot the difference in your brand?
Read on for significant brand differentiation!

Dec 2005
How can your brand be the talk of the town?
Read on to market your brand with integrity.

Oct 2005
How can your brand become the consumers’ best friend?
Read on to fetch brand loyalty.

Jul 2005
How do you prevent brand copycats in black and white?
Read on for reliable brand protection.

May 2005
How do you make your brand ROAR?
Read on to leap forward with brand building.

Apr 2005
How can you turn your brand into a cash cow?
Read on to start milking brand profits.

Mar 2005
How fast can your brand create awareness?
Read on to get spotted with brand differentiation.

Jan 2005
How can consumers get to know your brand?
Read on to create a strong brand personality.

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