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Ice cream is an irresistible dessert to most people regardless of age and gender. In the past, you used to see crowds buying ice cream during times of hot weather. Now, not only during hot weather times, but on every 31st of the month, you can also see the crowd queuing at Baskin-Robbins, waiting to buy their favourite scoop of ice cream. Giving 31% discounts for all ice cream on that day is one of the brand promotions which have successfully helped Baskin-Robbins to generate desirable brand sales.

A street survey on Baskin-Robbins has been recently conducted on 100 Malaysian consumers, and it showed the following results…
100% have heard of the brand, Baskin-Robbins
72% have heard of Baskin-Robbins’ brand promotions
80% of them are more likely to buy during the brand
promotional period
70% said that Baskin-Robbins is among their top three choices when it comes to buying ice cream

Differentiated Brand Promotion

Discounts or sales are a form of brand promotion that acts as a powerful tool to excite consumers and get them to talk about your brand. Eventually this can help to promote your brand through word of mouth (WOM), a less costly yet very effective method. When the news on Baskin-Robbins’ brand promotion is shared among each other, this helps the brand to gain brand awareness from its target audience. And, brand promotion is not limited to discounts only. Other mechanisms like advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements and more, are also used to promote the brand. Baskin-Robbins advertises its brand in various media like newspapers, TV and radio. This has successfully made its target audience aware about its brand which in return leads to greater brand sales.

Sweet Calling From Baskin-Robbins

Most people enjoy the benefits of brand promotion, among which are free gifts, reduced price and more. So, a successful brand promotion will help to encourage action within consumers. Baskin-Robbins brand promotions encourage the existing customers to come back for more while attracting new customers to taste the potentially delightful surprises. Many of them do purchase at Baskin-Robbins during its brand promotion period such as the Pink Day as well as the 31% discounts on every 31st of the month. And, consumers agree that they are more likely to buy the ice cream during its promotional period compared to non-promotional period. Thus, with a well-strategised brand promotion, a brand can eventually increase its brand sales… not only in terms of its monetary profit, but also in the form of its market share.

Brand Promotion Makes You Wanted

There are so many new brands born each day. If your brand is out of sight, then it will be out of mind. Consumers might easily forget about your brand if you are an inactive brand. So, plan your very own brand promotion today to keep the brand alive. This is because a wanted brand promotion will always lead to better brand sales, just like Baskin-Robbins and their cool brand promotions!
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