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Twitter-rific Brand Positioning!
What brand appears in your mind when you come across the term "tweet"? For sure, many people will instantly think of Twitter, which happens to be one of the most wanted global brands today. Launched in March 2006, Twitter was the creation of Jack Dorsey, who introduced the unique short messaging inspired mechanism the brand is currently well known for. Since then, Twitter has created a strong brand positioning for itself as an online social networking and microblogging site that enables its users to send and read posts of up to 140 characters, known as the lovable "tweets".

How Twitter Created Positive Brand Perception

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, Twitter has grown to be one of the most popular brands worldwide with an estimated 175 million registered users! Twitter's carefully strategised brand positioning as the leading microblogging site that offers a one-of-kind brand experience has contributed much to the brand's great success. Twitter allows its users to post virtually anything they want - news, self-promotion and even personal insights to share with the world. Through this, Twitter has indeed developed favourable brand perception within its users' minds, therefore enjoying a growing pathway of global recognition.

Along with its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of offering its differentiated service for its users, Twitter has also enhanced its brand positioning through its instantly recognisable features, namely its "tweet", "retweet", "follow", "mentions" and more. Through its branded "tweet" and "follow" terms that are known and loved globally, Twitter has created great brand positioning for itself as the ultimate online source for real-time information.

Lovable Tweets, Lovable Brand

As a lovable microblogging site that provides its users with convenience, personalisation and real time tweets, Twitter is currently the ultimate online medium for brands to position their products and services. With this, many global brands have developed brand positioning for their products and services through tweets in Twitter. Even celebrities are creating brand positioning for themselves through Twitter, where most of them have a huge number of "followers" around the world. Many global brand collaborations have also created brand positioning for brands, products, services, celebrities, promotions, news, charities and more. This has indeed created lovable brand perception for Twitter as a great online advertising medium.

Additionally, Twitter has also created great brand positioning as an online social networking platform that allows users to organise various global events that highlight on entertainment, social causes, brand promotions and more. Through this, Twitter's users have developed a lovable brand perception towards the brand as a microblogging site that allows them to successfully channel their insights and invites to their respective followers.

Following Great Brand Positioning

With Twitter's strong brand positioning as a user-friendly microblogging site that many have grown to love, the brand has successfully established admirable perception among its users worldwide. Furthermore, Twitter's brand positioning as one of the leading online advertising medium has developed a positive perception for both celebrities and global brands. A unique and lovable brand positioning like Twitter has indeed made it branded and wanted globally!
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