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Is your brand doing well in the market?

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Evaluate your brand with our Brand Check to find out on the effectiveness of your brand communication.

step 2: answer

Tick where applicable to answer the questions regarding your brand.

step 3: results

Check your brand's performance to see how your brand is doing in the market.

q1 brand identity

yes no
1. Is your brand name catchy, easy to pronounce and remember, prompting immediate recall among your target audience?
2. Even without the brand logo, can people still recognise your brand?
3. Does your brand slogan describe exactly what your brand can offer?
4. Do you differentiate and position your brand ahead of other brands with strong USPs and ESPs?
5. Does your target audience remember your brand?

q2 brand image

yes no
1. Does your target audience associate your brand with a distinctive and appealing brand personality? (i.e. fun, sexy, sophisticated, funky, sporty, trustworthy, etc)
2. Does your target audience have ONLY positive things to say about your brand?
3. Do your people carry the right image in your uniform, make-up, hairdo and grooming presentation?

q3 brand protection

yes no
1. Do you know the difference between a copyright, trademark, service mark, patents, industrial design rights, trade secrets and other Intellectual Property protection?
2. Do you register the IP of your brand in all the countries you intend to penetrate?
3. Is your entire brand management team well-trained and well-equipped in IP knowledge?

q4 brand positioning

yes no
1. Do you have a focused brand positioning tagline that can be easily remembered in your advertising campaigns?
2. Do your target audience know what your brand stands for?
3. Whenever your brand makes a brand promise (i.e. durable products, timely delivery, customer benefits or lifetime guarantees, etc) does it live up to the promise at all times?

q5 brand promotion

yes no
1. Do you plan your monthly brand promotional activities at least a year in advance?
2. Do you have a mix of brand promotional activities (i.e. sales, road shows, sponsorships, etc) to create excitement?
3. Do your brand promotional activities achieve at least 80% of the objective(s) set?

q6 brand distribution

yes no
1. Is your brand easily accessible to its target audience in ALL regions in the country?
2. Is each and every one of your Customer Service Personnel equipped with sufficient product knowledge?
3. Are all the people representing your brand well-trained? (i.e. brand knowledge, product knowledge, communication skills, etc)
4. Are all the people representing your brand well-groomed? (i.e. uniform, make-up, hairdo, etc)

q7 brand alignment

yes no
1. Is your brand projected consistently across ALL your branding materials (i.e. corporate profile, advertisements, etc)?
2. Do your employees practise a unified brand culture which is noticeable to your target audience?
3. Do you have a brand book as a guide for your brand consistency?
4. Do you conduct brand training from time to time to ensure your employees understand your brand?

Your brand's performance is: 9 or less

Your brand is not doing well.
Seek for help or advice at once before your brand’s health declines further.

Your brand's performance is: 10-19

Your brand is averagely healthy.
You might need a bit of help to make your brand communication more effective.

Your brand's performance is: 20 and above

You’ve got a healthy brand.
Continue to build and focus your brand for better result. If your brand is doing well locally, consider growing your brand internationally. If your brand is already in the global forefront, do keep the focus of your brand promise.

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