about peopalove

What are the branding services that we offer?

We have a different branding approach for each brand, as every brand is unique and different. Through our unique Branding Formula – Brand Differentiation, Brand Building and Brand Focusing, we offer cohesive branding services on project basis, including:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Retail Branding
  • Service Branding
  • Franchise Branding
Who are our clients?

We have clients from various industries, which include recognised brands like:

  • Agriculture:

    Aduka and Tropicoast

  • Beauty:

    airellis, bluunis, Cheerful, LEXWEL and Swiss Line

  • Corporate:

    Branding Association of Malaysia, Gold Choice and HANARUM

  • Fashion:

    SKIVA and Wardrobe

  • Feng Shui:

    Yap Cheng Hai Academy

  • Food:

    AKS, Koopa, Nutra 8 and Modestos

  • Furniture:

    Everhome and Veeneegee

  • Golf:

    MINES Resort & Golf Club

  • Hotel:

    Batu Ferringhi Beach Resort, Golden Sands Resort and Rasa Sayang Resort

  • Industrial:

    Crest Ultrasonic, Lumileds, Motorola, SA Glumanist, SMART Modular and UMW

  • IT:

    NTR and RUVO

  • Medical:

    ACMS and VISTA

  • Products:

    Luveex, Rike Cool and Pallas

  • Property Developer:


  • Retail:

    Eagle Carpets, GIAMAX, SINMA, SOXWorld and SEC

  • Skin Care:


  • Time Pieces:

    AD Time

All clients are serviced through our exclusivity policy – we will only brand one client for each particular industry while under contract. Do explore our BRANDfolios for samples of our branded clients.

How do I arrange for an appointment with peopalove?

Just get in touch with our Persuasion Coordinators right away...

p+6012 4125 575