core values

We have always held onto the strength and integrity of our principles with great belief and determination. Together with great people and great opportunities, they have made us who we are today. And we believe, we will continue to achieve great things through our core values of:

developing positive cultures

Through a love culture, we inspire family, friends, partners, clients and brand ideas into positive brand cultures. We believe that love will open the door of endless opportunities for us.

nurturing right people

To grow our family and brands, we cultivate young talents with RIGHTitude and right skills. They are the future k-generation who carry our hopes and responsibilities to grow the industry and nation.

building ethical partnerships

We identify with the right partners and investors who have integrity and the objective to constantly improve. Together, we would build lasting branding partnerships for great benefits to society.

evolving businesses into brands

Through brand differentiation, building and focusing, we evolve local businesses into global brands for profitable ROI, to raise the standards of creating renowned Asian brands all over the world.

preparing future leaders

Together, we are guiding creative, analytical and visionary leaders of the k-generation to be responsible for a better nation and a better world.