our brand story

Take a walk with us on our journey through challenging as well as triumphant times...

1997 – 1999

Our journey began with 2 family members working from a bedroom in the Ascot, Penang. We weathered through the economic crisis of 1997 and worked hard through 1998 to survive. With the controversial pegging of the Ringgit to US Dollars, we still focused on delivering the best work that we could, earning us clients such as Modesto’s Bar, Bistro & Cafe. Then, through the restructuring of banks and a survival of the fittest environment in 1999, we reinforced our focus to create brands of global standards for clients including Nioxin, Batu Ferringhi Beach Hotel, Rasa Sayang and Crest Ultrasonic.

2000 – 2002

The emergence of the Multimedia Super Corridor and also the internet created a new platform for branding in the cyberspace sphere. Clients including Motorola and Mount Miriam Hospital joined our brandfolio in the year 2000. During 2001, the September 11 attacks by terrorists shook the world emotionally and economically, causing Malaysian businesses to realise that we need to be more independent of foreign brands. We had RINDA for Jack n Pot, UMW, Adampak and Big Brown Bag sign on with us. In the following year, the 8th Malaysian Plan kicked off to include plans for an independent economy and also K-economy. We keep going strong in branding with EM Furniture, Hanarum, SEC, ACMS, SA Glumanist, Eagle Carpets and Pallas as our clients.

2003 – 2005

Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister takes the helm of leadership and we also see a revolution for brands, including help for SMIs and SMEs. We are engaged by SOXWorld, Belleview and Tropicoast to help them reach global standards. Following that in 2004, the rise of China and India created awareness among local manufacturers that they had to stop being OEMs but to rise to become OBMs. We take on Koopa, Gold Choice, SINMA and Grand Tower from Belleview as our latest projects. And, we also have the privilege to become a member of The 4As. During the next year, our Prime Minister called for the nation to be branded, in line with our vision for the future. We sign on with NTR, Sleem X, Ruvo, VISTA and apruvis.com. During this time, SINMA, Luveex and SOXWorld become our first clients to start expanding to global regions.

2006 – 2008

The 9th Malaysian Plan emphasises on intellectual capacity as we continue building our people to greater heights of knowledge in branding. Cheerful and SKIVA sign on as clients and we are also involved in pro bono works for Brahma Kumaris and Buppharam Buddhist Temple, Penang. As the nation reaches its 50th Merdeka in 2007, we grow our family with a new recruitment campaign, as well as new clients including bluunis, Everhome, GIAMAX, Wardrobe and Rike Cool. 2008 sees a change in the political landscape of the country; we are also making a change in our brand image as we prepare for further growth. Signing on as the Brand Management of the Branding Association of Malaysia as well as the brand collaborator with SME Corporation Malaysia and MATRADE, we also begin our branding partnership with AD Time, a renowned distributor, designer and retailer of premium watches.

2009 - 2011

Looking forward to foster more unity, our sixth Prime Minister introduces the 1Malaysia concept for the nation in 2009. At peopalove, we wholeheartedly support the vision of coming together with our new brand positioning and recruitment campaigns that celebrate all things Malaysian! Growing our love for the country and branding, we also continue to build more local brands into global brands with clients including Clinelle, Airellis, LEXWEL and Yap Cheng Hai Academy. peopalove watches proudly as Wardrobe starts operations in its newly completed Bangsar flagship boutique, Parkson Pavilion boutique and Sheraton Imperial KL Hotel boutique, and Eagle Carpets expands their Hartamas retail outlet. In addition, we are evolving with ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences as it enters a new phase after its conferral of university college status. As we move forward in a new decade, we continue to share and spread the branding interests of Malaysia, Asia and the world!

2012 - 2014

With the 13th General Election that made waves with its multiple campaigns as well as the end results, many individuals especially brands saw the need to continue to move towards building the right brand for the country. This is so that the country will have more room for the development for our future generation. As a Brand Conceptualist, we have always believed in nurturing the future generation towards building better brands. Among the brands that joined us in these years were YAPHO and Lewré. YAPHO, a herbalic medicated oil with a recipe that had been handed down for generations, was branded to have better brand identity, brand image and brand positioning as well as brand recall, brand personality and brand sales. Lewré, a well-known brand with local and international elite clientele, was elevated further in its brand awareness and brand value with a new brand image and brand personality as Lewré charactér, and repositioned to become a dazzling designer label fashion shoes brand. With its charactér stores launched, peopalove moves forward together to step high in the international fashion arena of the future.